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Scrapping your old car is becoming increasing popular among Canadians to raise some extra cash. Cash for Scrap Cars is the eco-friendly way to recycle your old, junk and unused car.

We take all types of cars:

  • Even if it is not running anymore- we will tow it away for you.
  • If it is running but the maintenance cost too high for you.
  • Any old piece of junk which is just taking up space in your garage or driveway.

As the name suggests, we always pay cash for old and scrap cars. Depending upon the condition and other factors you receive up to $2000 for your car. After you call us we will tow your car within 4 hours (depending upon your location).

We also work with many local and national charities. We can donate the amount on your name and you will receive a tax credit. A scrap car can go a long way for you and also for other people.

We at Scrap Cars for Cash in Mississauga strive to safeguard the environment by reusing and recycling all types of parts and fluids from the car. We sold usable parts to other people and companies. These parts are available at a relatively lower cost. This low cost parts option helps people to afford the maintenance of their cars.

A proper maintained car means low emission. A low emission car means better environment for everyone. Recycling various parts also helps reduces wastage in our landfills. We work part by part inside the car to assess and reuse them whenever we can. We sell these parts to other companies and they offer these parts in open market at very competitive rates. And this brings down the affordability of cars for many people.

We have multiple locations to serve you in the best possible manner. We are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Hamilton and greater Hamilton areas.

As we have been in this junk car business for a long period of time. We also help people who are looking to buy cars from auction blocks. We work with banks and they also provide us with accurate information about the quantity and quality of cars sold at any particular auction block. We forward this information to our clients and they have always found it to be very useful.

There are many cash for junk cars in Toronto and surroundings. We are honest, prompt and reliable cash for old cars Mississauga. We will come to your property to pick up your car and tow it away after you make the phone call.

We always offer our customers one of the best deals in town. Just call us and find out the Cash for Scrap Cars difference!

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  • Scrap cars
  • Cars Parked in your driveway
  • Insurance Write-off Vehicles
  • Accident Vehicles
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Commercial Cars