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Are you planning to buy a new car and scrambling to collect money? Is your old and useless car just standing in your garage or driveway taking up space? Is that old rusty car affecting your property value? Do you want to dispose your old car in an environmentally friendly and safe manner? Cash for Scrap Cars is the answer for all of these questions because we pay you real cash for scarp cars in Vaughan and Brampton areas.

We do selling and buying junk cars in Mississauga and surroundings; we also come and collect the car from your property. If your car is not in working condition anymore, not to worry! We are just one phone call away. We ALWAYS pay cash for scrap and old cars. We also work with several charitable organizations. And if you want to donate your car to any of these or any of your personally preferred charitable organization we will gladly do so too! These charitable donations also provide you with a tax credit. So working with Cash for Scrap Cars in Mississauga will go a long way for you!

Before disposing off your car, we will drain all of the environmentally harmful and toxic fluids and gasses from your car. We work with extreme caution to ensure that these toxic chemicals never come in contact with the environment which can cause great damage to the local eco system.

In order to reduce waste for our landfills we always strive to recycle everything from your scrap cars. We work with many auto mechanics and various other junk yard companies. This allows us to recycle various fluids and other parts of the car. This program also helps people from lower economic backgrounds to afford various parts and oils for better performance of their car. This also helps people to keep the emissions low and maintain the quality of our local and global atmosphere.

There are many junk car disposals Mississauga and Hamilton, Toronto and surroundings. We offer some of the best deals and best customer service for people living in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Hamilton.

Cash for Scrap Cars has been in this business for a long period of time. We also help people who are looking to buy a car from a junk yard. We are in partnership with Auto Wreckers located in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan and Hamilton areas. With our partnership we are able to negotiate a better price for our customers. Our customers have repeatedly told us they were able to get one of the best deals by going through Cash for Scrap Cars in Vaughan. We also work with major local banks. These banks also update us on the best auction blocks. Banks recommend these auction blocks as they have some of the best quality and quantity of cars.

Cash for Scarp Cars Advantage

  • We always pay in cash for your old and scrap cars.
  • We can also be at our property and tow away your vehicle.
  • We offer help and resources for people who are looking to buy cars from auction blocks.
  • We dispose the car in an environmentally friendly manner.
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  • Scrap cars
  • Cars Parked in your driveway
  • Insurance Write-off Vehicles
  • Accident Vehicles
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Commercial Cars